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Healthy, easy lunch ideas for work or school can be fresh and fun.   Many times we just get stuck in a rut thinking we have to “cook” something.  In reality, when you are at work or school, fresh is what will awaken your taste buds from the blah of microwaved food or food that feels like last nights leftovers.

A few weeks ago even though it was chilly outside, I was craving something fresh, something new.  What resulted was something that I could eat everyday if I had to, it’s just that good!!!  (My husband is still raving about these healthy wraps for lunch.)

Quite honestly, just looking the pictures makes my mouth water.  I think I might have to run to the kitchen to make these again!!

Not only are they tasty and fresh, but these wraps are one of the best healthy easy lunch ideas to get you thinking outside of the box.  I added pickles for a little zest and fun.  You can start with this recipe and then make your own healthy easy lunch ideas for work and school with just a little imagination.

healthy easy lunch ideas for work or school



Healthy, easy lunch ideas often start with something simple and build from there.

Often when thinking about healthy lunch ideas, people think it needs to be complex or boring.  Instead think fresh.  Did I mention fresh????

When I bring a glass container filled with a bright salad for Friday lunches with my boys, kids and adults alike always drool over the food.  Who would have expected 3rd graders to inquire about healthy lunches, but when they see their school food in all of it’s brown and white glory, they usually ask about the veggies and food we are eating and then continue to pick at their food.   Lettuce wraps seem to raise the most inquiry and responses of, “oh yum!”

Ok, ok, time to spill the details on how healthy lunches can be easy….

Fresh, Easy, Healthy Wraps for Lunch

4 Tortilla Wraps (There are gluten-free ones available too!)

1 Small Bunch of Lettuce

1 Small Can of Black Olives

1 Green (or Red) Pepper – cut into slices

1 Small Cucumber – cut into slices

8 Grape Tomatoes – cut in half

8 Slices of Cheese of your choice

1 Pickle (cut into slices)

Sour Cream (1 dollop on each)

Salsa (to taste)

optional – 1 Avocado

healthy lunch ideas for school

Here is a close up of how you can build this healthy, easy lunch.


healthy easy lunch ideas


Note: To keep the veggies and wrap fresh, pack the pickles, sour cream and salsa in little containers and add them to your wrap just before you eat.  Don’t be skimpy on the sour cream either. In order to absorb all of the incredible nutrients this wrap provides your body NEEDS some healthy fat.  To learn why going fat-free isn’t actually good for you click here.


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