More than Rotting Your Teeth 2 More Hidden Dangers to Sugar.

You’ve probably heard the evils of sugar and pop and just brush it off like most people.   But did you know consumption of sugar can be bad for your heart and create imbalances in your blood?

We have become a short term society with long term health problems.  The thinking goes, “What doesn’t kill us today and is on the shelves of the grocery store must be ok.”  Well…

Take 10 minutes and watch this video about what drinking pop really does to your body.  It is more than just raising your blood sugar.  It creates health problems down the road.  In an effort to keep our blood slightly alkaline, our body pulls works overtime to keep it in balance.  This puts stress on the kidneys, breathing, etc.  The body even begins to pull needed nutrients out of your body (i.e. bones) in order to compensate to keep you alive!  If you have an imbalance of nutrients, PSM, headaches, joint pain, etc all become prevalent.  Watching this simple video can change your life!  Watch it here.

Ok.  Now onto your heart.  Eating a diet high in sugar can raise your triglycerides.  High triglycerides are linked to heart disease.

Think, oh it is just in my genes.  Well, think again.

You can’t change your genes, but you can alter their expression through your diet.   Dr. Barry Sears

To learn more about gene expression visit Dr. Barry Sears’ website.

The health of our bodies, depends upon the health of our lives.  The health of our lives includes the food we eat, our stress level, our relationships…  Keeping our lives in balance does not have to be hard, it just means being mindful of our daily lives and the impact it has on our health.

To your health,

Summer Joy

P.S. If you are curious about either of the topics above, feel free to contact me.  I love this stuff!  I can help you create more balance.

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