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i love me! is the first book in a series to strengthen and nourish children in this busy world.

i love me! ignites the child’s potential through several short phrases they can recite and remember, because every child should believe in their potential.


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The i love me! book is illustrated with various sizes of hand prints and bright colors so that children can easily relate and connect to the i am statements.  The last page is even uniquely designed to be personalized by the reader with their own hand print.



i love me! has inspired kids and adults alike to have the strength to believe in themselves.  Here is what people are saying about it.


This is one of the greatest books my daughter has.  I like how simple it is since English is not my first language and she has to deal with multi-language.  It also gives her self-confidence, which is very important, especially nowadays.” – Yuriko Y. Georgia

I wish this was something I had as a child. Something so simple can make such a huge impact on a child’s self image. Imagine how this one simple thing can change a classroom, a school, a community, a country, the world! Thank you for the gift you have given to my children in writing this book!   -Suzanne B. Canada

So much of what we want for our kids is captured here in just 10 sentences. It’s tonic for babies, toddlers and teenagers; I wish someone would read it to me every night before bed. – Susan T. Australia

I read i love me! for the first time during a competitive speech meet at my high school. I was feeling really nervous and needed some encouragement. I opened the book, read it, and felt so much easier about everything.  I was able to make it to finals for the first time in my speech experience all because of the small children’s book stored in my purse! It gave me courage when I needed some, just with the simple three words on each page. Now I make it a habit to read it before every round and it’s an amazing comforter.  –Noelle G. Nebraska

My ten-month-old daughter is fascinated by all of the colors. The simple statements on each page are very engaging for a baby. It’s a perfect book to read before bedtime!  –Tracy H. Minnesota

Your book is my favorite thing to give to new parents!!!  I am very grateful that you created it and that it is so easy to order! -Catherine B. Canada


One day my son ran into the house exclaiming, “Mom, he threw sand at me, but I AM BRAVE!” At that moment, I realized what I gift he carried. He believed in himself even in a tough and scary situation.

Inspired, the next day I went to my other son who had struggled with digestive health issues when he was a little boy. We had been to countless doctors trying to find a solution to his acid reflux, his constant screaming in pain, his vomiting, his poor liver count…I could go on and on. Even though I was careful when speaking around my children, my son knew parts of this story well. When telling his story, I consciously focused on how grateful we were to heal him naturally through probiotics and how it changed our lives for the better, but still, I realized how much this might be impacting the house exclaiming, “Mom, he threw sand at me, but I AM BRAVE!” At that moment, I realized what I gift he carried. He believed in himself even in a tough and scary situation.e house exclaiming, “Mom, he threw sand at me, but I AM BRAVE!” At that moment, I realized what I gift he carried. He believed in himself even in a tough and scary situation.

I knelt down, took his little hands into mine, looked lovingly into his eyes and said, “Thank you for teaching us how to eat healthy. You are healthy.” His face immediately lit up as he responded inquisitively, “I am healthy?” During the next days I saw a blossoming of his confidence as he began to think of himself as a healthy child who brought the family a gift.

Through seeing this shift in his perspective, I knew immediately that I needed to create something that would help other kids believe in themselves.

What we and our kids believe about ourselves shapes our entire world, mindframe and our viewpoint of reality.  It is so important for children and adults to internalize good feelings about ourselves and each other!!!




Why is the “i” lowercase?

The use of the lowercase “i” keeps the reader (and the mind) focused on the end of the phrase (the potential), verses focused on the “I” (the ego).  This subtle change is one of the reasons why i love me! is so powerful for the reader.


 What age is i love me! for?

While I originally created i love me! with kids ages two to five years in mind, the most moving responses I have received have been from readers who are teens and adults.  Some have made some pretty big life changes, like leaving unsafe relationships, because of their renewed sense of believing in themselves and wanting a better life for their kids.


I love hearing from you!

Let me know how i love me! has impacted your life or your child and you will receive one FREE health history consultation as my way of saying thank you!  Contact me to share your story~


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