Hi!  I'm Summer Joy.

Thanks for stopping by.  It's nice to meet you!

A few things...

Parenting is my passion – being the best mom I can be everyday brings the greatest smile to my face and heart.

I believe everyone has incredible potential and there is nothing more exciting then inspiring someone to connect to their awesomeness.

I see our lives as whole, verses in boxes. Everything is related. The food we eat influences how we think and what we think influences our food choices. How we choose to parent impacts our kids. Period.

I love to travel and our family will be taking an entire Gap Year to do this!

I believe happiness is a choice.

I feel our kids can be our greatest teachers, if we are willing to listen.

I am passionate about helping people raise healthy kids in this crazy, busy world.

I believe that we can raise mindful, thoughtful, creative and healthy kids and as an Integrative Parenting and Health Coach, I am here to help guide you on your journey.



If you are like me, you know that raising healthy kids isn’t just defined by healthy food, but also includes the health of our relationships, mind frame, choices and daily habits.

You love your kids immensely and want the best for them.  You look for healthy foods, you encourage your kids to do their best.

Somedays it is easy to guide them and other days you might feel a little lost...

The truth is, our kids are our guides.  Kids come into this world with beauty and joy.  They come into this world ready to explore and connected to their souls.  Our job is not to mold them, but to support them in their growth.    

The best treasure we can give our kids is the freedom to bloom into their own.

As parents, we often get overwhelmed with our schedules, with too much information and frankly some days we can wonder if we are on track...

As an integrative parenting and health coach, I can help you live a full, healthy life and ways to nourish the little souls in your life even in this busy world.

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My Background

Over the last 20 years I have worked and volunteered in various organizations for at-risk youth, guiding them to find their path by making positive choices.

From this experience I learned to love, trust and listen to others in order to guide them in nourishing their soul. I also witnessed the profound impact and transformation when youth are reconnected to nature - it brings a sense of calm to their lives and helps them to reconnect to who they really are at their core.

I am grateful that as a sociologist, music teacher and mentor, I have a unique window into child development and parenting. Through teaching 1,000's of music lessons, I have observed the daily impact of the parent/child relationship, lifestyle, schedule and food choices on the developing child.

My journey towards raising healthy kids grew from first hand experience of raising a child who experienced digestive health problems and severe acid reflux. After knowing that medicine only made his symptoms worse and hearing he was near being listed "failure to thrive" by the medical community, I began an extensive search for natural "cures". Countless hours were spent reading books, searching online, learning from top natural health professionals, and believing in my own intuition as a mother.

Health became a passion after seeing how food literally turned around my sons health and healed his body with in 24 hours. Through this journey, I also realized how we treat (nourish) ourselves and others is just as important to health as what we eat.

I am excited to share with you, i love me!, a children's book I wrote to inspire kids (and adults) to reconnect to who they are at their core and believe in their full potential. It is amazing to see how a life can be changed when someone believes in themselves!

As an integrative parenting and holistic health coach, I finally feel that I have arrived home. I feel very alive and true to who I am when I see other people grow and create positive change in their lives. I am grateful to be a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and look forward to guiding you on your journey of raising healthy kids.

May you be inspired to nourish your body, mind and soul while nourishing the little souls in your life (your wonderful and beautiful kids)~


P.S. My husband says I have a gift of knowing just what to do and say with our kids. I say it is something inherit in all of us, if we just stop and listen to our hearts.

We all hold wisdom inside of us. It is there if we are just quiet and brave enough to listen!


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