How Does Technology Affect Kids Today?

Technology has a way of creeping slowly into our lives.  For years we existed without cell phones, but now that they exist, most people cannot imagine how to function without a cell phone on their hip or in their purse.  The question becomes, how does technology affect kids today?

If you have been reading my posts over the years, you can probably tell I have a problem with electronics.  There I said it.  Whew!

I feel oddly hypocritical about my disdain for electronics, because I use electronics in my daily life.  I carry my phone in my purse, I update my facebook status, I blog, I check my e-mail.  I hardly let my husband or kids eat a new meal or dessert I have made without saying, “Wait, don’t take a bite yet, I need to take a picture for my blog.”   Yes, my cell phone and I are friends.  In fact, I even run an entire business from my phone.

But the thing is, my phone is not my life.

I CAN live without it.

A few years back my husband and I lived in Australia for 10 months.  They were the best 10 months of our lives.  We were on our own, adventurers in a new city, a new country and we didn’t have a phone!!!!

My husband would go to the University of New South Wales to attend his classes and leave me little messages in our home notebook.  If I went out for a walk, I left him a note.  We have an entire notebook filled with little messages and I love you’s.

Being in a city of over 3 million people without a phone was liberating!!!  We felt freer and more responsible without a phone.  We created some of the best relationships we have ever had and still hold our Australian friends near and dear to our hearts.

I cannot really explain it, but life without a phone was wonderful.  It was slower paced.  It was peaceful.  It was restful.  Later we did get a landline phone, but we never had cell phones while we lived in Sydney, we just didn’t need or want it.

Fast forward to today, if you look at families these days you see more screens than faces.  Parents are on their phones, kids are on their phones.  Interaction is limited.

My husband and I run a  music studio where we have over 70 families that we see every week.  In my teaching room I have a huge window that looks into the waiting room.  I cannot help but notice how the interaction in the waiting room has changed over the years.

A few years back, parents and students would look up and greet other parents as they walk through the door.  The sound of the front door opening made people look.  Now the front door opens and people stay glued to their screens, they don’t even flinch.  Conversations are not started, but perhaps more interestingly, people are not acknowledging each other.

I can’t help but wonder, what impact does this change have in our lives?  Are kids going to stay engaged in learning in schools if they are used to adults being glued to screens and perhaps even being glued to screens themselves as kids?

Will kids start to think that being connected on a phone is more important than being connected to each other?

Just how does technology affect kids today?

Will kids become more independent or even arrogant and in their own world?

Will we start to disconnect from our real emotions and just become a society of instant gratification, addicting emotions as people update their facebook status, check their e-mail and text message constantly?

People used to have downtime, even if it was only for a few seconds at a red light.  It’s good for our brains to have downtime.  Now even that little-itty-bit of downtime in our lives is gone.  The next time you are at a red light look at the cars next to you, nearly everyone is on their phones…

Take a moment to check out this video…


Shocking isn’t it?

Is technology getting in the way of life?

What do you think…How does technology affect kids today?

Share your thoughts and comments below.  And as always, share this post with your friends.  The more we share ideas the more we grow as individuals and as a community.



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Summer Brackhan

Mom, sociologist, teacher, author, musician, world traveler, parenting and health coach who believes healthy living incorporates body, mind and soul and that life is not about living in little boxes, but experiencing everything at its fullest.


  • Veronica Lee

    Reply Reply October 24, 2013

    Ever noticed how lost kids are these days without their electronic gadgets? Shocking indeed! Sad too!

    Hi! I’m visiting from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

    • Summer Joy

      Reply Reply October 24, 2013

      Hi Veronica! It is amazing how many kids have gadgets, I wonder what the dynamics of that will be down the road… Thanks for the kind comments about the blog. 🙂 I just checked out yours and love your cake pops! Cheers~

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