Parenting Rocks!

Parenting is natural, kinda like rocks.  Some rocks catch your eye immediately, others gleem after polishing, some are rough, but they are all GEMS!  Each rock is unique, just like in each child and parent are unique and so are our daily experiences.

A few days ago I felt like my path was full of rocks -big, ugly, boulders.

By the end of the night I was not the understanding parent I strive to be.  I couldn’t sleep well that night realizing that I had placed the boulders there.  I had my own agenda after school of going to 2 grocery stores.  My boys and their crazy antics that night were because they needed to let loose some energy after school.  Instead, I hauled them to a store.  2 none the less!

What would have worked better I thought?  One, I could have let them burn off extra energy at home and then gone to the store.  Or I could have only gone to one. Or none!  Did I need milk and bananas for their breakfast the next day?  No.  I wanted to feed them milk and bananas, but I did not need to.

Sometimes in parenting we get a to do list in our head of needs that are really wants.  Then we wonder why the day has become so stressful!

My boys, being the little gems they are, exited school ready to give me hugs the next day.  We did not go to a store, we went home.  Home to dance to Christmas music and play board games.  Result, one evening full of smiles.

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Summer Brackhan

Mom, sociologist, teacher, author, musician, world traveler, parenting and health coach who believes healthy living incorporates body, mind and soul and that life is not about living in little boxes, but experiencing everything at its fullest.

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