kids birthday parties – stressful or fun?

Yesterday we returned home after dark exhausted from my boys birthday party.  Not the kind of stressful tired, but the “that was a blast” kind of tired.

Since about November my boys have wanted a sledding party for their birthday.  We invited their friends at the last moment as soon as we knew there was enough snow.

The result?  A blast!  Kids were laughing as they sailed down the hill.  Parents said, “thanks this was a great birthday party idea” or “this was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”   For some it was their first time sledding!  : )

Hot coco was served at the end to warm everyone up.  Of all the birthday parties, it was the most simple to do!  Invite kids, show up, heat a little chocolate milk and buy cups.

Easy, stress free and FUN!

Well I am a little tired from walking up that big sledding hill so many times… : )

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