healthy meals after surgery…pop?

My mother recently called me appalled at the food choices at every turn in the hospital.  She is recovering from knee surgery and after surgery what is she surrounded by?  Pop, pastries, etc.  Passing vending machine upon vending machine she was just plain mad at the choices surrounding people.

Where are you vegetables, fruit?

My boys were so upset to hear about their grandma’s story they immediately made her cards and sent her money (from their own piggy bank) to help her buy veggies.  And no, I did not prompt them.  : )

Now ask yourself, how many times have you found yourself in the hospital visiting someone and turned to a vending machine or the free pop in the waiting room?

As parents we set examples for our kids whether we mean to our not.  Now think about the example set by the medical community.

Think how completely confusing this message must be for a child — eat your veggies Johnny, unless you are recovering from a sickness or under stress, then eat junk food.

Food fuels our bodies.  You wouldn’t put diesel in an unleaded car so why put junk food in your body?   To quote Hippocrates, “our food should be our medicine.  Our medicine should be our food.” 

 I know this to true, I have lived it. My son was nearly listed “failure to thrive” by the medical community when he was 9 months old.  When my husband and I turned to looking at his body as a whole and turned to food (mainly probiotics) as a healer, he literally began to heal overnight!  (Thank you Body Ecology and Roxanne!)

Take a moment this week to think about the messages we are sending kids and look at the food choices presented around us.   The candy aisle at the checkout…

What food messages do you see?

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