What is Health Coaching

Health coaching is an inclusive, holistic approach of creating better wellness through awareness.

Health is defined not just by what we eat, but by the health of our relationships, spirituality, physical fitness, our day to day schedule and lifestyle.




What If You Could Find More Joy While Raising a Family?

Through Health Coaching You Can:

  •  Discover Your Strengths as a Parent
  • Discover Ways to Find Your Child’s Strengths
  • Learn Tips of How to Communicate Effectively as a Family
  • Prepare Foods that Nourish the Growing Bodies of Kids (that kids will love too!)
  • Learn the Top 3 Foods that can Trigger Behavior Reactions
  • Make Mealtime Fun, Quick and Easy (Even with Picky Eaters).
  • Create More Smiles and Less Struggles with Your Kids
  • Understand How Food Impacts Behavior 
  • Stop the Constant Struggle and Drain of Emotions.
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 Rebuilding Your Health

If you are wishing to specifically focus on physical health and learn how to easily nourish your body and maintain a healthy weight, an individual program can be designed to help you learn:

~What Top 3 Foods Nourish Your Body.

~How Your Lifestyle Directly Impacts Your Health.

~7 Simple, Quick Things to Implement to Regain Your Health.

~What 3 Major Foods to Avoid.

~How to Tap into Your Hidden Energy.

~The BIGGEST Pitfalls People Fall into that Lead to Poor Health.

~How to Reduce Stress, Even if Your Life is Busy.

~How to Discover and Utilize Your Strengths.

~How to Navigate a Specialized Diet (Gluten-free, Allergies, etc.) Without Pulling Out Your Hair.

~How To Tell if A Food is Good or Just a Fad.

~Create a Better Relationship with Food.


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How we nourish our souls is different for everyone.  Sometimes we need to nourish our bodies with good food.  Other times we need to nourish our bodies with good thoughts.  Sometimes it is following a dream and unlocking your potential.  It is about finding your passion.  It is about reconnecting to loving your soul.  It also means redefining what health means to you!

This program can be done in person or via phone consultations.   Limited health coaching spots are available in order that I can focus properly on each individual and their goals for health and happiness.



*NEW*  Building Life Skills Through Music.

Music is the window into the soul.  A child’s potential can be unlocked through involvement in music as music provides a perfect opportunity to build character and life skills without confrontation.

I have developed this completely unique program from the ground up, utilizing my years of teaching experience and weaving that with my background in sociology and skill building.

Enrollment in this program is very limited, due to the nature of the program.  Contact me to get on the waiting list.

Through enrollment in the Building Life Skills Through Music Program you will see an improvement in:
  • focus
  • attention span
  • goal setting
  • determination
  • patience
  • respect
  • confidence
  • creativity
  • fine motor skills
  • emotional maturity
  • ability to accept and handle change
  • and more!

Enrollment in this program is very limited, due to the nature of the program.  Contact me to get on the waiting list if you live near Lincoln, NE.

To learn more about my music teaching philosophy visit Fiddlestick Music.