~For Nourishing the Little Souls in Your Life~

Through Personalized Health Coaching You Can:

  • Discover Your Strengths as a Parent
  • Discover Ways to Find Your Child’s Strengths
  • Learn Tips of How to Communicate Effectively as a Family
  • Prepare Foods that Nourish the Growing Bodies of Kids (that kids will love too!)
  • Learn the Top 3 Foods that can Trigger Behavior Reactions
  • Make Mealtime Fun, Quick and Easy (Even with Picky Eaters).
  • Create More Smiles and Less Struggles with Your Kids
  • Understand How Food Impacts Behavior 
  • Stop the Constant Struggle and Drain of Emotions.
  • Learn How Your Child’s Gut Impacts Their Personality!
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~Just for you, The Nourishing Parent~


perfect health


Is your health holding you back?


Have you tried numerous diets or seen numerous specialists, only to be back in the same spot you were when you started?

What if  you could regain your health in less than 6 months without wasting your time and money?

You don’t have to struggle with weight, arthritis, mood swings, a cranky stomach, colds, low energy etc.  

Your health issues are not permanent life sentences…they are simply ways of your body sending you messages that it is out of balance.
Through health coaching you could  rebuild your health and unlock your health secrets by learning the root cause of your health issue and discovering the connection of how to heal your body.  Heal coaching is all inclusive, it is not just a Band-Aid solution. 
leaky gut
An individual program can be designed to help you learn:

~What Top 3 Foods Nourish Your Body.

~How Your Lifestyle Directly Impacts Your Health.

~7 Simple, Quick Things to Implement to Regain Your Health.

~What 3 Major Foods to Avoid.

~How to Tap into Your Hidden Energy.

~The BIGGEST Pitfalls People Fall into that Lead to Poor Health.

~How to Reduce Stress, Even if Your Life is Busy.

~How to Discover and Utilize Your Strengths.

~How to Navigate a Specialized Diet (Gluten-free, Allergies, etc.) Without Pulling Out Your Hair.

~How To Tell if A Food is Good or Just a Fad.

~Create a Better Relationship with Food.

Here is what others have to say.

Hi just wanted to tell you thanks for all the info you gave me.  My husband and I have been following your suggestions and have had great results.  My husband has only had one  bout with headaches  where he was usually having 3-4 a week…Me will I’m a walking poster child for you today. Went into my Dr. and got wonderful results….down 12 lbs…..  blood pressure down 30 points, a1c went from 7.4 to 6.8, and my waist measurement went down 6 inches.  ~Rita

Hey Summer! I have been wanting to get in touch with you to tell you how WONDERFULLY everything is going. My son is still spitting up a bit, but barely. He is happy and content…I feel wonderful, and you’re right: little things I never noticed were “symptoms” have gotten better. My son has no more fussing during or after eating, and he is such a happy guy, all smiles =).  ~Kara


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Your health is your best investment.

Once you get started and see real results, you will ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

This is what one client had to say.  When she came to me, she hardly had enough energy to go to her job everyday.

I went wheat free two weeks ago. I feel so much better! I have more energy and the swelling in my hands and face are gone! Lost 6 lbs so far! I will never go back.
-Brianna H. Minnesota

Limited health coaching spots are available in order that I can focus properly on each individual and their goals for health and happiness.  Consultations can be done in person or over the phone.

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