Halloween food ideas- ghosts

Happy, Healthy Halloween!!!

Happy, Healthy Halloween!


While Halloween is synonymous with giant bags of candy, you can celebrate with some pretty yummy and fun treats too!


The greatest part is that kids like these treats just as much.  Well who wouldn’t when they are fun to eat and look a little creepy???


The pictures aren’t so “pretty”, they were taken before I had an iPhone, Instagram and knew how to take a good picture…
but, the food is still fun and yummy!!!


Here are my 5  favorite Healthy Halloween Treats.

1. Spiders on Deviled Eggs  –  Cut-up black olives placed on deviled eggs. 

2. Freaky Fingers –  String cheese with green pepper nails

3. Eyeballs –  Carrots with olives stuck on by cream cheese.

4. The Graveyard – Hummus mixed with green spinach for the base.

Celery for the trees, crackers for the headstones and pretzels for the fence.

5.  Potato Ghosts – Half potatoes (baked) with sour cream and green onions.

These healthy, Halloween treats were a hit in the past and I am excited to make some this year for our neighborhood block party!!!  Now that I have  a better camera, my pictures should be better too!

Happy Halloween!


P.S.  The featured image (the rice crispy ghosts) aren’t exactly super healthy, but they are peanut butter and honey, so a whole lot better than high fructose corn syrup candy.   The recipe can be found at Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog.

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