Easy Halloween recipes for kids

Easy Halloween Recipes for Kids (and adults!)




One of my favorite parts of Halloween is the food!!!  I love making the table look cute (and not scary) and with these easy Halloween food ideas, you and your kids can have a blast getting the table adorable.






Here are my favorite easy Halloween recipes for kids and adults.


Banana Ghosts

easy Halloween recipes for kids

Banana Ghosts


This is a pretty quick and easy Halloween food recipe as there are only 3 ingredients to banana ghosts.

1.  Bananas

2.  Chocolate Chips

3.  Lemon Juice (just a sprinkle will keep the bananas from turning brown.)

Pumpkin Cuties

Easy Halloween recipes for kids

Pumpkin Cuties

Perhaps this is the easiest of the easy Halloween recipes for kids.

1.  Little Cuties

2.  Celery



 Veggie Skeleton

vegetable skeleton

Vegetable Skeleton for Halloween

This Halloween food idea takes a bit more prep, but it is totally worth it!

1.  2 Stalks of Celery  – legs and arms

2. 1 Red Pepper  -ribs

3.  Cauliflower – joints, hands and feet

4.  Mushrooms – hips

5. Radish – spine

6. Carrots – eyes

7.  Seaweed – hair

8.  Ranch Dip – face

9.  Oregano – mouth


Green Witches Brew

Halloween food ideas

Green Witches Brew


The secret to green witches brew???  Simply open a bottle of any green veggie smoothie drink from Trader Joe’s,  Whole Foods, etc.  Add in a few gummy worms as a surprise when the kids pour it.  😉

Here’s a picture with the worms (sorry it is super fuzzy!!!)

witches brew with worms

Witches brew with gummy worms


Here is one last idea for those who like to get a bit more involved and creative with their Halloween food…

Halloween food ideas- ghosts

Ghosts on a stick

The ghosts on a stick idea came from Chocolate Covered Katie’s Blog.   If you have never read her blog, she has AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL ideas that are pretty healthy and definitely yummy!!!!

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Thanks for reading and have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!


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