Does Money Cloud Your Parenting?

I feel SO strongly that every single one of us has amazing potential in life and an amazing capacity to love and do good in this world!!!

I know that everyone loves their kids and wants the best for them and feel at my core that everyone has good intentions, but sometimes we get confused or distracted along the way.

What can distract us is our worries about money, about our job – basically our finances. The financial stress starts to eat away at our daily happiness. At our marriage. At our family dynamics. Unconsciously we pass our stress onto our kids. We become less patient with them. We become less understanding.

I see many parents who love their kids, but are short with them. They are frustrated and overwhelmed. But I don’t really think it has anything to do with the kids. I think it has to do with us as parents being stressed out.

I have been there. There are days that I am less patient with my kids. It is not because my kids changed, it is because I changed. I let my worries about other things in life creep into my actions.

The days that I am patient with my kids is because I am patient with myself -the days that I have that inner calm.

Kids are beautiful. Kids are wonderful. Kids are a blessing. They don’t need patience. If they spill the milk at the dinner table it is because they are learning. I’ll remind myself again, they are learning.

It is up to us to lead them. It is up to us as parents to leave our stress behind. To be awake enough and brave enough to make choices in life that bring us peace. Brave enough to admit that sometimes our ego gets the best of us. Brave enough to know that if we change paths in life we are not failing, but growing.

This is why my hubby and I are working on a financial fitness program- For people to reconnect to what an incredible life means to them. For people to have options of having an incredible income that matches. Because when you take the stress of finances out of the equation we often make different decisions.

They say that money changes people. I think this is true. If you are worried about money, you will make decisions and actions based upon money (or lack thereof).

When we make decisions out of love, there is no motivation, there is only the desire to bring more good into the world. More good into the the lives of our children.

Money changes everything, IF your focus, IF your worry, IF your decisions are based upon lack of finances.

If you had all the money in the world what would you work for? What would be your why?

My husband and I realized along time ago that we used to base our decisions according to our finances. We realized how this was clouding our judgement. How it was changing the outcome.

We made a decision to act out of love. To make decisions out of love. As we searched for our purpose in life we realized that all we want to do is help people. Help people live incredible lives. We also realized that helping people be free of money controlling their life decisions (and parenting) was important to us.

Our focus was returning to a space of having fun, returning to a space where life feels free again for more and more people. For many people, the way for them to feel free of stress is to be free of their money worries.

There are so many ways we want to help people see that their everyday lives are amazing, that their everyday lives are worth living for, but we realized until money worries are out of the equation we as a society cloud our judgement.

How would adding 10k to your bank account every month change your life?

How would that decrease your stress or worry while raising a family?

What would you start focusing on?

Part of breaking free is admitting that 10k in your back account would change your life.

Part of returning to a life built on love is taking away the stress of paying bills.

If you are not constantly checking your bank account to see if you have enough money to do something, then you realize that everything that you want in life you already have.

Lets create a movement of parents and people who see life as incredible and that having an incredible income that matches your incredible life is indeed ok.


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Summer Brackhan

Mom, sociologist, teacher, author, musician, world traveler, parenting and health coach who believes healthy living incorporates body, mind and soul and that life is not about living in little boxes, but experiencing everything at its fullest.

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