30 Days of Gratitude Project

How would your life be enriched through consciously being grateful for 30 days?

What would you notice more?

How would it change your life?

Join the community as we begin the 30 Days of Gratitude Project!!

Everyday for 30 days share something you are grateful for – either in the comments below or with the community on the Nourishing Souls’ Facebook Page.




Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.
-Henry Ward Beecher

I’m looking forward to sharing with you and can’t wait to see how this impacts our lives and the lives around us!





P.S. Last year we started a Gratitude Jar as a family and it impacted us for months to come.  I found us being more patient (and of course grateful) as the weeks went on.  My husband and I even noticed that at Christmas our boys didn’t rip open the presents, but opened each one and spent time with it, enjoying the gift.  We couldn’t help but think this came as a result of the Gratitude Jar we had done.






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